Sunday, October 19, 2014

Repairing Damage

Here's a very recent photo I took of the 150 year old section of curved wall up at Balsam Lake Ontario. Way back in 2003 we did some repairs (up nearer the pillars) where a car had crashed into it. The workshop was a success and the property owner got the wall repaired for free.

I was sad to discover some damage had been done to the wall again (near where the curve starts) perhaps by the same reckless person, but we will go up there soon and just repair it again. 

We chose an earlier photo of this very curve to use for the Dry Stone Wall Association of Canada logo. 

We didn't really want to change the DSWAC logo when in 2012 we gave this our association name (and our support) to a not-for-profit organization that had just be formed, so we changed our name to Dry Stone Walling Across Canada and kept the initials. 

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