Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Maybe consider dropping the standard a little and gain some speed

Open the fridge . Nothing to eat
Open the pantry Nothing to eat.
Lower the standard and repeat.


  1. John.
    Please elucidate.
    Thank you.
    Tracey Blackwell

  2. Hi Tracey. Yes I was in agreement with the logic expressed in that quote, that sometimes (certainly not always) one might have to lower their standard in order to accomplish a certain task, whether it be passing a timed test or in some other unique case requiring expediency. The fridge and pantry analogy, I think, is fairly straight forward. Sensibly a meal may still be able to be made from the few leftovers we find our fridge, faster than going off to the store to buy more food. No one is going to die from food poisoning. A good waller should have standards high enough that even when they are lowered (to meet an unavoidable deadline, for instance) the workmanship is reliable enough that there wont be any structural deficiency. An experienced waller knows how to do determine these things and work accordingly.

  3. To be honest John, the purpose of this post, its nuance and agenda are still completely wasted on me. But then, I never was the sharpest knife in the block.
    To build to any standard other than my absolute best at all times, regardless of circumstances, is anathema. Perhaps that is the difference between us.

  4. This does not surprise me. I've always admired your work .