Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Sundial People

The vice president and president of Fleming College, Brian Baker and Tony Tilly stood in front of the new dry stone sundial for a photo on the sunny Friday afternoon it was completed. 

Thanks to Brian Howe who brought us coffees from Timmy's 

Thanks to the great crew - Doug, Susan, Colin, Craig, Rhys, Liam, Chris, Zoe, Chelsey, Brian, Dave and Tony.

 Congratulations especially to our 6 students 'the sundial kids' from Peterborough regional College who came here with Jess and Kelly and Tony Lowe from England to attend this special walling course and did so well.

Thanks to Terry Williams the Director of Plant and Facilities who organized the pouring of the concrete pad and to Dave and the maintenance crew who moved stone for us.

Thanks to Shelley Schell the Training Officer at the Haliburton School of The Arts who along with Sandra Dupret Dean/Principal of Fleming College – Haliburton Campus initiated and organized the details of our five day creative walling workshop.

Thanks to Glen Windrem for trucking and to Jeff Parnell for the load of limestone.

Thanks to Jim Felstead of Rock your world for the two big base stones.