Monday, October 6, 2014

Putting it into Practice

Fred and his wife Cindy took a dry stone workshop that John Scott and I taught near Brighton two summers ago.

He specifically wanted to take a course where he could learn how to use stones like the awkward granite boulders he had all over his country property.

When I visited Fred and Cindy's place last week I was amazed at how well Fred had caught on to the skill of walling and how good his walls looked.

It's very gratifying to see students take what they have learned and go back to their own projects and do such impressive structural work, and in this case do such a good job of 'coursing' with such awkward roundish stones.


  1. Well done to Fred and you John. It must be pretty satisfying when your teaching knowledge inspires such results.
    Perhaps next July you and Norman can do a workshop here on my property. I can provide a wonderful view of the Muskoka River, and a lot of rock to be inspired by.