Sunday, October 5, 2014

Norman Haddow Visits

It's almost Thanksgiving here in Canada and for the next two weeks we have the pleasure of master craftsman Norman Haddow's company as he visits with us again for the tenth year in a row now

He has recently returned from Southern Itally where he collaborated with our dear friend Thea Alvin teaching a two week course repairing a heritage trull as well as building a small shepherd's hut. 

Normans student's learned the basic technique of corbelling as they took what Norman calls 'wild' stones and stepped in several courses into the middle of the opening of this 6 foot high shepherd's hut structure.

The hut was made of these wild stones which are very irregular in shape (and all found on the ground at the site) rather than using 'tame' dressed stone from a nearby quarry.  

These are the tulli where the 15 students and the instructors stayed, socialized at night and apparently had some wonderful meals together.

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  1. Great blog, thanks for sharing your photos and ideas