Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Creative Block

I thought this piece by my imaginary design assistant Andy Blockworthy, could kick off a new series in T.W.M.H. about 'Art and Dry Laid Stone'.  

Those of us who create with stone sometimes get 'waller's block'. These mental blocks, just like problem rocks, are sent to stretch our imagination. Let's try to be creative with them.

Heres my first suggestion. Buy this book.

creative block
As of February 18th, 2014 CREATIVE BLOCK will be on shelves all over the world! I am still pinching myself to tell you the truth. I could not be more proud of this collection of interviews and art work, and am so thankful to Chronicle Books for making it happen.
I came up with the idea for CREATIVE BLOCK for myself, just as much as for all of you. I wanted to make something beautiful – a contemporary art book filled not only with inspiring images, but also inspiring words, advice, and tips to help amateurs and professionals alike, find their way through those days when the ideas just won’t come. Because everyone who dabbles in something creative{writers, musicians, actors, artists} feels that way at some point – right? Right. I wanted to write this book to show you that if you’re feeling this way you’re not alone either. I’ve written hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of posts about successful, working artists who seem to have this whole “creative thing” figured out. But surely they have blocks from time to time? How do they get through them? Where do they find fresh inspiration? How do they handle negative feedback? Does it stop them in their tracks? Now, these full time artists don’t have the luxury of not finishing, or giving up on a project – not when they’ve got a gallery or art buyer waiting on them! So how do they push themselves through those moments when the ideas just aren’t there? Or when the ideas are there, but their hands or materials will not cooperate.

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