Friday, March 28, 2014

Obviously not art ?

New modern art paintings by trompe l oeil specialist Nolan Haan. Discover the fine art of a cinder block wall in his online new modern art gallery
 "Tranquility"     acrylic on silk, mounted on shaped panel     48 x 60 inches (122 x 125 cm)

Which is likely have more aesthetically pleasing results -
a waller using uniform block shaped stones laid in courses to create a  solid looking dry stone 'feature'.... 

Wall by Andrew Currie

... or a waller, by arranging a random assortment of more challenging shapes and sizes, creates something that, even though it is just as permanent, causes us to wonder how it could be actually dry laid?

Good art transcends both the medium and the technique that was used to create it. There is often a mysterious almost effortless quality associated with it. Wallers attempting to be similarly creative (even though they may be working at higher levels than most qualified masons) should try to avoid having their work end up looking overly 'structural'. The dynamics of a work ( and our craft in general ) will be destroyed if the false criteria of everything having to appear to have been done 'by the book' prevails. Obviousness stifles artistry. 


  1. I am sorry you hold my painting of a floating cube of concrete blocks unworthy as a piece of art. I happen to disagree with you, because I find beauty in the structure created by rows of blocks.

  2. On the contrary I find your painting far more artistic than any similar looking real stone or block wall. The artistry in your painting for me however is not in any physical 'structure' you've created (as it is a painting not a wall) but an imaginary solidity and mass. The painting sparks the imagination and evokes a feeling of mystery the way just an ordinary blocky wall wouldn't.