Monday, March 3, 2014

A Lonely Fractal Voyage

As fascinating as this looks, I don't think I'd like to live in the fractal world revealed here by Alexandre Lehmann/ Ricardo Montalban.
This realistically three dimensional environment, though ornate and creatively complex, appears completely uninhabitable. 

That rocky space age potato planet I'm seeing is a lonely and hopeless place. 

There is no sense of scale either. 
Just think how easy it would be easy to get lost there.

When asked in an interview whether he dreams about his creations,  Alexandre Lehmann admitted...

"I have indeed dreamt of fractal structures. These are more like bad dreams, very alienating. When I roam through these structures in my dreams, I always end up feeling very claustrophobic and disoriented. It’s quite painful, to be honest."

Nope, I think I prefer the scale of the earth the way it is. I like that I can usually find my way home in it. That together, with others, we can make some sort of sense of it.  We can create things and relationships that don't get lost in it.  I like rocks and stones the way they come.  Even the mountains and canyons on this our amazing planet, awesome and expansive as they are, still have a familiar almost alluring quality to them.

The fantastic complexity of landscape in this video reminds me why I am content to live in a simpler environment -  in a place where the dimensions and implications of this kind of fractal reality are kept in proper perspective.

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