Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Minerals are our friends

Maintaining a good supply of proper environments and minerals is the best way to keep a healthy body of dry stone wallers active and working efficiently. After all minerals, which are basically rocks, are the building blocks of our day to day life.  

Although most of the minerals we require are found near where we live and work, some job sites have less minerals than others.  

And because we consume a lot of minerals in a normal working day, sometimes it's necessary to bring in mineral supplements from elsewhere. While most of these extra daily minerals can be procured in bulk, by the truckload, some of the more important minerals may have to be specially brought in. And where else better to look for precious minerals than a mineral store? 

The good news is you won't need any prescriptions (or require safety boots or a hard hat) to shop at a mineral store. All the rocks are sold over the counter. You can often find some real gems there too.

Some stores have special surprise grab bags of rocks available to buy which makes walling even more fun when you don't know what you're actually 'taking' until you get back to the job.

Very rarely should actual 'trace' minerals be used, that is, 'along' the wall. Ideally they should be taken internally, into the main body of the wall. Complex minerals in specific amounts are very useful for the cheekends, the footings, the main innards of the wall, whereas fractured minerals should be consumed in large doses to maintain a good hearting.

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