Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mountveneering *

Before the advent of Mountveenering these enormous rock outcrops were nearly lost to the visible eye (and were a danger to air traffic) as they were so completely camouflaged against the sky.

It was obvious huge amount of 'remounding' needed to be done on many high mountains. A more 'manufactured' look was needed to make these lifeless heights more fashionable, less austere and less dangerous! The formidable task of reworking and re-cladding great expanses of mountainous land, which began back in the 1900s, was gradually completed during the course of many years. Many expeditions of masons risking their lives eventually clad these formidable rocky terrains with a thinner stone coating, (below which was laid electric heating cables) to give it all a more noticeable 'decorative' look.


  1. Thank goodness those selfless masons took on this daunting task. As someone living in Toronto, I can appreciate how important it is to make sure that nothing is allowed to "blend in" with its natural environment.

    I think you taught a week long course at Fleming in Haliburton last year. I'm interested in dry stone walls and I'm wondering if you were planning on teaching a week long beginner's course this year?


  2. I've seen these in a range of colours.

  3. Thanks Rebecca. Great to hear from you. You might be interested in this course I'm teaching in October.