Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wall of Kintyre

After visiting the standing stones in Argyll, Norman and I drove past Inverary to look at a new wall he had recently built for a ship builder and his wife who lived on the peninsula of Kintyre.

The material he had to work with was a nasty gnarly stuff  but somehow, just as this part of the country inspired Paul McCartney, Norman was able to make the stones sing.

Here is photo I took of another wall of Kintyre.
Far had I travelled and much had I seen. 
But the look of this old dry stone wall against the sky seemed to capture the magic of this area of Scotland the best.
The light - I could see rolling in from the midst of it . 


  1. You know the skill of an individual by the ease with which they make difficult looking stone fit together so nicely. This is also a reflection of their love for the work.