Thursday, December 6, 2012

Before and After

Here's what Jason Hoffman of 'Stone Inspired' wrote about a recent job I helped him with here in Scotland. "Finished this job today. 90 tonnes of former fieldstone - an interesting mix of red sandstone and whinstone - in Fife in Scotland. The highest part of the retaining wall is 2.55m (8 1/2ft), and the long, high wall is approx 16m (52') long. The client asked us to build an old stone trough into the wall, protruding about 1m out. Finishing the whole design off were some low terraces and steps.

The random nature of the stone called for a random building style as we were mixing the two kinds of stone together. In the middle we made a formal feature of the arch, to provide even more contrast to the work. I was a bit unsure of what the stone work would look like, but it turned out well I think. The client is delighted too."

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