Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Clawdds over North America

Peter Overing and his wife, this year's hosts of the very successful DSWAC 'Festival of Stone' in Montreal, are seen standing behind their lovely Clawdd, built by Sean Adcock (from Wales) and all his skilled helpers from Canada.  Here is a Daily Post press release that Sean sent me a few weeks ago.

In the mean time Chris Overing wrote to tell me he "attacked the clawdd with some Winter Rye- a crop that we so,w in the Autumn for soil-retention, then plough under in the spring for nutrients.
The advantages of this plant include its beneficial effects upon soil tilth, its cold hardiness, and its fibrous roots, and I hope that it will help to secure the structure of the clawdd.
It will require some trimming next season, in the meantime, however, I am enjoying watching the clawdd transform into a giant Welsh “chia-pet”! "

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