Friday, December 21, 2012

Scores of Standing Stones. Stone Games

Historic plaques at many of Scotland's standing stone sites dismiss mysterious megalithic structures, like this one in the photo at Templewoodas either ancient astrological calendars, or merely sacred places of worship. I think it's possible that the tall standing stones in this field were erected thousands of years ago for some other purpose.

Surely the Picts must have done more than look at the stars every night and hold endless year-round prayer meetings . It's not too difficult to imagine other perfectly good reasons why these ancient, presumably intelligent people went to all the trouble of dragging massive stones long distances and assembling them in strange configurations. 

Perhaps the disjointed megalithic sites scattered around the country are the remains of far more interesting structures like huge 'big rocks stores', boulder allies, neolithic amusement parks, early sports complexes and primitive 'rock climbing' centres. I'm guessing that the two standing stones Norman and I saw in Kilmartin Glen are the original goalposts erected thousands of years ago for some of the very first football matches between celtic teams and various opposing stone rangers.

Feel free to suggest other possibilities as to what these two standing stones were originally put here for.