Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Freeze-dried stoned-cold walling.

It was cold and still dark when we arrived at the Fife job site yesterday morning.

A fresh layer of snow covered the wall and our remaining building stones we had to work with .

After a night of below-zero temperature, the water is still trickling out of the font.

My hands at first go predictably numb with the morning cold as I kneel in the snow adding frozen stones to the final knee wall , a dry stone terrace that will complete this now very snowy garden enclosure. Feeling eventually comes back slowly to my fingers as I continue to work. Funny that - the temperature hasn't warmed up that much, but my fingers have somehow stoped complaining and reluctantly come back to life.


  1. Part of the fun of working in winter in Scotland. It's not helped by the job site being 600ft above sea-level!

  2. Just wait John , next week you will be working at 1000 feet above sea level.