Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can you imagine the wall?

It's always fun to be working with a good bunch of guys.
Yesterday me and the fellows from Black Rock Landscapes started a forty foot wall .Maybe you cant see it yet but you will.

We are using dolomite limestone from Buckhorn , stratified granite from Minden and local river rock from Haliburton Ontario. I'll post pictures here as we progress. We might even build an arch.


  1. AWESOME!!! What would you say is the best resource for learning the "right" way to build a dry stack wall? I'm moving to a site that has a lot of random sized basalt rock and I think if I knew more about what I was doing then I could put together some beautiful walls.



  2. It depends where you live Timothy. It's great you want to start learning to build stone walls without mortar. We are teaching a course at our Festival of Stone this October near Montreal. You will have lots of fun meeting wallers from all over the world then too. http://www.dswa.ca/event/festival-of-stone-2012