Sunday, July 29, 2012

Staying centered

A hula hoop proved useful for keeping the circle shape of a dry stone pillar we are building at the front entrance of this property in Port Hope. 

A centre pole with a string would have done the trick too. The problem is as you build, it ends up getting buried in the structure, and also, you can't lay longer building stones over the centre if there is a pole in the way.


  1. Interesting idea. When using the hoop as you go up, are you measuring from the outside of the hoop to get your batter? And what about keepIng the hoop consistently in the center as to keep the Batter and plane of the faces consistent all the way around? Seems like a lot of room for error and a lop sided pillar could be the outcome. JP.

  2. Two upright posts on the outsides of the diameter at the base of the circle ensure that the hula hoop stays equidistant when placed above each level of stone coursing . When starting another course with one building stone placed at the proper batter we just measure the distance from the outside of that stone to the hula hoop and maintain that distance with the other stones on that course. Easy as pi.

  3. That's pretty smart. It's consistent and doesn't get in the way.