Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A dry stone wall doesn't...

A dry stone wall doesn't stay all that dry when it rains.


  1. I always thought that the phrase "dry-stone wall" was somewhat of an oxymoron :-) .

    John, recently I tried to shape another rock with a hammerstone. I was not very succesful for the following reason:
    1 - The stone that I was shaping was not very large (only 50% larger than my hammerstone).
    2 - My makeshift hammerstone was not round and was more blocky.
    3 - I didn't know the best tecnique on how to work stone in this manner.

    Do you happen to know of how to do this? If so, could you please show me how? I've googled and looked at YouTube with few encouraging results.

    The technique that I'm talking about is not terribly different from how stone was once shaped during the age of the Inca. I'd like to acquire -- at least an amateur level -- some of those skills that they have used.

    1. Thanks Unkown. I will try to do a post soon on the questions you've posed here.