Monday, July 16, 2012

Infinity walls

'Infinity pools' - Who ever thought that name up was a genius!

Perhaps the first 'infinity pool' was a mistake?

Some incompetent but quick-witted pool contractor no doubt told his client the pool was 'supposed' to empty off to one side, that it in fact was the latest thing in pool design! 

What about an infinity wall?

How about a wall that you can't see it because it just drops off, out of site? It wouldn't be too different to the dry stone wall Danny and I built two weeks ago. You can't see it, right?

Here's that same wall from the other side.

Actually 'infinity walls' have already been invented. They are called 'ha-has'.

Wikipedia says. "Ha-ha is a term in garden design that refers to a trench, one side of which is concealed from view, designed to allow an unobstructed view from a garden, pleasure ground, or park, while maintaining a physical barrier in one direction, usually to keep livestock out that are kept on an expansive estate or parcel.  It also may be used to mean a ditch, one side of which is vertical and faced with stone, the other face sloped and turfed, making the trench, in effect, a retaining wall, sometimes known as a "deer leap"

The trouble is 'ha-ha' is not a trendy enough name.

We wallers need to put a new spin on what we do. We need to sell clients on concepts like  'infinity walls' , 'eco walls', 'designer walls' and my new favorite, 'cloud walls' ( Now all I have to do is figure out what a 'cloud wall' is )


  1. Haha @ cloud wall. As a software developer, the concept of cloud computing is actually pretty cool, if not over-hyped by marketing departments to make products "cooler" :-)

    -- dyz

  2. Hi John, one more question. Due to various circumstances, it would be -- in the future -- for me to attend stone-building events in the US. Does DSWAC have a US equivalent?

  3. Great design concepts. I'm in the process of building an infinity pool so will be using some of these looks.