Saturday, November 26, 2011

What would Andy do?

I proposed an idea on a stone forum a while back which involved an activity/discussion called, 'What would Andy do?'
The rules were really simple.
We each in turn posted a scene of stockpiled material, plant forms, tool groupings, or repeated landscape elements or whatever, and then people were invited to comment and propose creative ideas (inspired by each picture) as to what you could make with the things in the photo. Solutions, artistic applications, whimsical constructions, even improvements were all encouraged. The person with the best idea got to post the next picture.

I kicked off the game with this photo I took in the Lake District two years ago.

It seems to me we have the three basic building groups here. One is a man made material which though very structural is going to be hard to use in a creative way. 

The second is a naturally grown material ( I think the English call them swedes and the Swedish call them k√•lrots, although in all fairness they should have named them Brits) Though these vegetables are more of body building material and are supposed to be eaten, they might inspire some other use. Certainly anyone who hated them as a kid might have found a way to get rid of them off their plate 

And then third, in the background there is a neatly piled assortment of random stones which apart from making walls can be used in an infinite number of creative ways.

I'd like to see if someone could come up with an idea describing how Andy might use any or all three in an artistic installation

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  1. Yes, believe it or not, those are all swedes on the left. Someone commented that there looked to be enough to feed half of Sweden.