Friday, November 18, 2011

A Memorial Cairn

John Scott built this granite structure as a kind of dry stone tribute to his best friend Wade who died tragically last April. The memorial cairn which is situated in a very remote area in White Lake (near Arnprior Ontario) is at a place where Wade camped and frequented often. The structure was completed just yesterday  

Ten tons of gnarly chunky stone were gathered locally and rolled out of the bush and painstakingly shaped by John with hammer and chisel.The sandstone plaque was brought in his truck from Southern Ontario and the letters were tooled in the evenings at the cabin where John stayed until he finished this lonely and rather noble gesture of remembrance to his well beloved friend.

John told me that just as he was starting a fire at the end of the last day of building a large doe jumped out of the bush and stared at him briefly and then disappeared back into the underbrush.


  1. A truly magnificient gesture from and for
    an obvious truly magnificient friend.
    Well done John Scott.

  2. John, thanks for posting this. The granite was brought from the surounding half kilometre of rough bushor by his friends who worked their butts off to get it there. The hearting was gathered by Wade's kids. This is Wade's Watch... the spot where he hunted and was at home. It was blessed with water from White Lake... the place where he'd always rather be. It sits just off from a spot where hunters can gather, warm up by the fire, and perhaps a nip of this or that. This granite is stubborn and abrasive, but strong and reliable. Not unlike Wade, who is deeply missed by many. Thanks to all who build from the heart. js