Saturday, November 12, 2011

The hump and the hollow. ( Using leftovers)

There is often a question as to what to do with leftover stone from a large dry stone walling projects.

Last year Norman and I came up with a solution which involved burying most of the stones in a hump and then covering half of it with turf and exposing the half the pile in a clever dome configuration.

We were going to call it the 'dry stone semi-sphere'

While the client liked this Sketchup design I came up with the idea morphed into a separate hump and an inverse hollow dry stone bowl design.

We dug the hole and buried a lot of the stone and were ready to do the pitching of the bowl shape but then the weather closed in last December in Scotland and it snowed and snowed. I flew back to Canada. And came back out this November .

I was asked to come and finish the project on my visit here this November. 

Here is a photo of it the day Norman and I completed it.

Tomorrow I'll there is another 'how-to-use-leftover-stone story' to tell