Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Balloons and Bridges

Balloons and bridges. 
Are they so far apart?
Both are solutions. 
Both are an implementation of man's ingenuity allowing souls to be carried loftily over the terrain below.

The circuit of stones suspended in air, compacted in a mass of rocks wedged together in a buoyant rising arc pattern above the earth doesn't seem very different from the colourful bubble we see following its arched course gracefully across the sky. 
Both celebrate a state of weightlessness.
They both stretch majestically across a span of the firmament – 
One in space, over a brief span of time. One, over space, for a longer span of time.

They both begin in a frenzy of activity.
Hammers and chisels and the bustling sounds 
of rocks being brought into shape by through various skills.
Ropes and propane tanks and the shouting tugging sounds on the ground
while the balloon slowly fills. 
Both sooner or later rise above the clamour of activity that launches them. 

And then hang there in the sky
... peaceful and serene.


  1. A lovely poignant truth, beautifuly expressed.
    Thank you.

  2. I like this blog entry, the mixture of loud activity followed by tranquility.