Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our chamber's nearly made

I have a good friend who asked me to help him this fall with some walling. He needs to extend his driveway along the side of his house. The land drops off to the back so we are terracing it to create a larger flat area at the end of his driveway extending it 12 feet so that he can park his trailer there. In addition to this he is short of storage space and needs to keep his two kayaks out of the weather somewhere. 

We decided on the idea of creating a long dry stone chamber under his new extended driveway structure in order to accommodate his two boats. Here are some shots of the progress so far. The wooden form will be put in place sometime soon and the dry stone vault will probably be completed next week. After the area above the vaulted chamber is leveled a thick flat concrete driveway pad will be poured.