Monday, November 8, 2010

'Knuckle'-brained/cracker of an idea.

Where do crazy off-the-wall ideas come from?

Do they come from associations? Or do they come from disassociations?

Do they come from having a positive outlook, or a really critical mind?
Do they come from experimentation, or merely returning to the same predictable process?
Are they the result of maintaining and appreciating relationships, or just ignoring them?
Are creative ideas merely frivolous concepts unless they are utilized and exploited?
Are they any more likely to come to people who let things go than to those who hang on to hurt feelings and brood?
Are they gifts, inspirations that we are thankful for and acknowledge, or just something we steal from somewhere else and don't bother mentioning?
If ideas come from within, what effect does our own personality have on how they come out?