Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Handy Tool

Have you ever wanted to build walls like a REAL dry stone waller?
Are you TIRED of trying to shape stones all the time with one of those heavy metal chisels and a clumsy clump hammer?
Well now you don't have to bother time-consuming, labour-intensive 'swinging and smashing' of stones by hand any more.
With the revolutionary easy-to-use 'Chis-ALL' ® you'll never have to split stone the old fashioned way again!
Just press the trigger and GO ! Rocks and stones can be instantly transformed into uniformly modular, blocky looking shapes at the touch of a finger.
Plus ....
IF you order your new Chis-all® today, you'll also get the amazing Heart-o-matic Stack-o-lator®, absolutely free, that's right, Ab-so-lut-ly Free!
Yes in deed, you'll want to get packing right away with this handy-dandy Heart-o-matic Stack-o-lator® and start filling your walls in half the time it normally takes to do the job.
You'll have more time to do the things you really want to do like go to the pub or take up bungee-jumping.
So go ahead, go to your phone right now and call this number 1 800 CHISALL, that number again, 1 800 C H I S A L L
and get your special FREE Stack-o-lator® at no extra charge.
And if you act now we'll throw in a set of amazing battery-operated Super-String Liners® at no extra cost. This is a regular 60 dollar purchase, and you get it free
AND the Sack-o-lator®, just for ordering the magical stone shaping and walling tool, the sensational Chis-All®, that's C.H.I.S -.A.L.L®