Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seeing a pattern.

There are those times, very rare times, when you see the pattern. The wet leaves on the ground merge into an almost recognizable repeating geometric design. The ripples in the sand for a brief second look like they have an order you might just be able to understand. The abstract forms of nature briefly loose their random appearance. The hidden pattern of the ripples and their reflections suddenly becomes apparent. You tune into a universe around you which you perceive as being momentarily much more ordered than usual. An unmistakable design 'appears' amidst the usual random complexity and strange asymmetry of nature's handiwork.

For me, looking at the herringbone wall of Scott George's can trigger that same kind of magical moment where I think 'there is a hidden logic to the design I'm seeing', a kind of secret pattern there, waiting to be discovered.