Friday, October 29, 2010

Balance is Everything

Who hasn't had their tires balanced? It's quite a trick, really. I cant imagine how you would do it with an 18 wheeler.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to think about 'balance' today.

It is an amazing thing.

Balance is the activity of being.

It more often than not involves slowing down and waiting, rather than constant activity.

Balance requires that we learn how to 'be', and 'not to be' always rushing around.

It necessitates 'tuning into' something so subtle that, for the most part, it can't even be taught.

All areas of our life require balance. It is the reward of constant experimenting and the gentle positioning of weighty matters (and ourselves) so that gravity and all other pressures (good or bad) work on our side.

Balance is the equalizing of the pull of opposite poles, charges, pulls and pushes.

It is the 6th sense. We can not stand without it.

We know when we are off balance without any of the other 5 senses.

Balance is symmetry.

And balance is a dance, a reflection, a repeated phrase, a pleasingly proportioned design and space in time.

Balance is a comparison, a relationship, it is seeing the connection, the ratio, the give and take of a situation.

Life is a balancing act in a topsy turvy world.

Unlike balancing stones, (where rocks are precariously positioned utilizing the sparsest network of contact and the least means of support ) building permanent walls, by stacking stones structurally, is really an exercise in learning to maximize all the balance available to us in the material we have to work with.

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