Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gathering in the woods.

Where are all these people going? They don't look like ordinary hikers - and there are so many of them! They all seem very excited about getting somewhere further down this trail. Let's go see.

Here they are, all gathering in the woods. This is like in the middle of nowhere. Are they watching an outdoor sports event or listening to a concert? Perhaps they are watching actors perform in some forest glade.

What can it be that's so interesting? Look at their faces. Such anticipation. They look like they are waiting for something special to happen at any moment . Every eye is on whatever it is that's taking place down in the ravine just below them. The crowd is hushed and focused on some sort of activity off towards the creek.

There it is! They are watching people remove a wooden form, which is all that was supporting a beautiful dry stone stone bridge that the stone-workers just finished building in the forest.

The spectators were wondering if it was going to fall down. Amazingly, it didn't ! No cement. No concrete. No saws. No bobcats or heavy machinery. Just people moving stones and relying only on gravity and friction. Twenty-five tons of rocks and stones, just hanging there in the air. Wow! This is like some giant magic trick with rocks. Most of them have never seen anything like this before, ever !

When they get back down the trail and into their cars and drive home, none of their friends and family are going to believe what they saw today.

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