Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rehashing the old dry stone wall concept.

Mechanized wall-building and landscaping is just around the corner, in fact it's coming down the street right now. Incorporating the wonder of modern science and technology, random truck loads of raw wall material are magically transformed into beautiful free-standing road-side 'stone fences'.

These stunning additions to any neighborhood are manufactured right on site using up leftover material from excessive quarrying and massive extracting operations. The whole concept is clean, efficient, green and ecologically friendly. The walls which are built, are straight and natural looking. They not only look like the real thing, they are the real thing, and they last for years and years! If they are broken or knocked over they can be repaired by an efficient wall rebuilding-machine which comes by and actually recycles the same wall material without any fuss. These new walls protect those loved ones who live on your property , soften the impact for speeding vehicles, while beautifying the neigbourhood.

Why put up with concrete barriers anymore? Why waste money on pressure treated fences and rotting railway ties? Why should you look at ugly metal chain link fences along the road? Make the modern choice - Move to stone.

But then again, dry stone wallers have simply been doing this sort of thing for thousands of years, haven't they?



    ... something to build perhaps?


  2. I know you posted this over five years ago, but would you know the name and manufacturer of this device? Has this technology advanced since?

  3. Sorry. I think the company went out of business.