Monday, October 11, 2010

Gathering At Table

There have always been a lot of special meals at our Rocktoberfest gatherings. At this years festival Friday's lunch we provided for three dozen walling participants and then an evening 'meet and greet' with pizza spring rolls and chicken wings for 60 people. Then Saturday more great food at lunch and hefty buffet at the Ship's Galley with another 70 people and presentations on the Aran Island walls and dry stone abutments of New England covered bridges. And last night a Thanksgiving turkey buffet was provided for everyone at Caigers in Rockport Ontario, fifty or more wallers and enthusiasts didnt want to stop socializing and the presentations on Balmoral and music by Bobby Watt topped off the evening.

We always try to have the festival be something where people who attend not only come and are involved in some interesting dry stone wall project during the day but also come together to do things in the evenings, so that nobody feels left out.

As I looked at Norman leaning talking to one of the students at the end of day two, I thought how much it was like a gathering around the table to partake of food. Walling is all-fulfilling and totally satisfying, much like everyone gathering around for a good hearty meal.

Many people now have made our annual Rocktoberfest event part of their family's Thanksgiving celebration. The food and friendship is always good whether it be around the dinner table or around a stone wall.

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