Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stone Story part 20

The two wallers finished for the day. They made their way back down the valley towards home.

Though a significant section of wall had been rebuilt that day neither Rhonda nor the Squire had been put into the wall yet. This was partly due to their having become distracted with all the talk about the possibility of the waller being able to hear them, and partly due to their unusual shapes. The other two builders, who had been lying next to them (that is, the younger rock, and the builder-stone whom the waller had supposedly 'overheard' ) had been fitted beautifully into the dry stone wall. The first gap in the wall caused by the landslide was complete and the new repair merged cleverly with the older undamaged section of the wall. The slight change in colour, due to different less-weathered faces of the stones being exposed, gave the only indication that it was a newly repaired section of wall.

The next morning only the one waller returned. He began work by moving many of the stones he had not used along the wall to a toppled section he had not started on yet. Rhonda was impressed to see that the stones were not tossed. He carried most of them and put them down carefully. He placed Rhonda and the Squire out on the ground separately.

"He's not wearing gloves this morning" she said "His finger must be better."

"I think we should concentrate on being placed in this wall today." the Squire said. "I like this chap and he's doing some superb gapping."

"Yes I suppose you're right. That other wall we were going to inspect seems so far away now and who knows what's happened to the pyramid-shaped stone who was going to show us how to get there."

"I think he may have got buried over there" answered the Squire.

The waller looked in the same direction. He walked over and stepped carefully up onto the mound of nearby rocks,( most of which had slid down the mountain the day before and had not yet been sorted) and began searching through the pile.
A few moments later he retrieved the very stone they were talking about from the pile.

"Myron" shouted the Squire . "We're over here."

The waller carried the pyramid-shaped stone over to the other two and stared at the three of them.

They greeted one another enthusiastically. " Look at you, Myron you're all muddy."

The waller brushed off the mud from Myron.

They stared at one another in disbelief.
"Goodness" said Myron, " It's as though he actually heard you. I didn't give him the notion to pick me up and carry me over to here, did you?"

"No" said Rhonda and added. "This is very strange."

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