Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stone Story part 18

"No no, that's just an expression they use," said the Squire."They don't actually hear us. They pretty much have no inkling of what's going on in our world. Their world of only 5 senses is pretty limited. The universe is still a big mystery to them. Even with all their technology they're barely able to detect anything beyond the electromagnetic spectrum. And as for understanding the way we elements interact, I dont think they will ever be able to understand basic 'Entangled Particle Communication' "

"Shhh" said Rhonda.

The human approached. His finger was bandaged now and he had put on a pair of gloves to protect his hands from any further injury. He said something to his co-worker and then pointed at the builder-stone next to the Squire, the square stone.

"I don't believe it?" said Rhonda.

"What?" said the Squire impatiently. Though his mineral composition put him just above a seven on the Mohs scale of hardness, he was nevertheless quite 'hard' of hearing.

"He says that when he was walling just then, and really trying to let the stones speak to him, that he clearly heard a rock say that it thought it was going to be next in the wall." she said, turning to the builder stone."That was you."

"That's impossible" said the builder.

"Amazing" announced the Squire.

"See I told you they could hear us." The young rock shouted.

"No you didn't. You merely wondered if they could." said the builder." There's a difference."

"Never mind you two" said Rhonda " Let's see if we can get him to hear what we are saying again now."

It is true that while fairly experienced rocks had over thousands of years found ways to influence humans to have them do their bidding and building for them, humans never actually heard any audible rock-words. Communication was mostly in the form of constructive suggestions to their subconsciousness.
If the waller had overheard a conversation between stones, this was something extremely unusual, in fact, unheard of.
They tried talking to one another again, louder than normal this time, in a slightly forced tone of voice.

"Do•you•think•he•can•still•hear•us•now?" the Squire in a jerky voice. It sounded strangely rigid and quite stiff even for a stone.

"If he does you would think he would try and let us know it." Rhonda replied in mono syllables.

"Hey you, human! Knock three times if you can hear us"

The others cringed when they heard this outburst, and all three of them turned and glared at the younger rock.

The waller did put his head closer to one of the rocks, as if he was trying to hear better.
But he didn't knock.
After about a minute he resumed working.

The rocks continued talking and watched and listened, waiting for any indication that the waller had indeed been able to hear them speaking, but in the end decided it must must have been a coincidence.

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