Monday, August 9, 2010

Stone Story part 17

The dry stone waller paused to study the random pile of building stones beside him. His hand reached over to grab the builder who had been conversing with the Squire. As he started to loosen the stone, it dislodged another, causing the tip of his middle finger to get pinched between the two. He immediately let go and let out a strange 'un-stonelike' noise that humans sometimes make when they are hurt.
"What did you do that for?" asked the builder "You deliberately provoked him."
"He was moving too fast. He worried me. I just wanted to get him to slow down a bit." said the rock who had been the offender.
"Couldn't you see he was in the 'zone'? You let them go fast when they are in the zone. You should know that."
"Don't be too hard on him. " said Rhonda "He's just a young rock. He was probably more freightened than anything else."
"No I wasnt ! "
"Now now. Let's not argue. It was an easy mistake to make. Everyone understands." piped in the Squire. "Sometimes they do go a bit fast. They think they're in the zone and forget to stand back. It was probablly good for him to take a break and look at the whole wall, not just the little part he was working on."
"I still say that he shouldnt have bit the human" returned the builder "If you stop them when they're in the zone, they sometimes never get back for the rest of the day."
"What's he doing now?" asked the Squire.
"He's talking to the other waller" said Rhonda. "Something about listening to the stones speak to him."
"You think he can hear us?"asked the young rock.

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