Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stone Story part 16

The Squire and Rhonda were pleased to be able to have someone pick them up and place them over by a small group of 'builders' waiting their turn to work in the wall. Michael and Hannah, the newly 'twinned' stones had not been as lucky, having been tossed into a pile of brokenhearted material.

The square stone leaned over on his flattest side and spoke to the builder next to him.

"He's not doing a bad job, really." The Squire gestured towards the human who was concentrating very hard on the task of fitting each stone according to its peculiar shape, as he attempted to rebuild his section of wall properly. "Do you think he has done this before?"

"I've made a concerted effort to 'tune into' his thought pattern and communicate where I want to be put." said the builder-stone ignoring the question.

"How's that going?"

"He is thinking too hard. He needs to relax and let it come naturally"

"Ah, yes 'the perfectionist'. They are always struggling to find the perfect stone " said an oval stone who had overheard their conversation. " If only they could accept the fact that none of us are perfect."

"There are only good choices and then a whole lot more bad choices" said the builder, continuing the thought.

The oval-shaped rock lying near them nudged the other two and said " Watch this."

A moment later the human bent over and picked the rock up and placed him in the dry stone wall.

"Wow, that was a good fit" said the Squire studying the clever arrangement of stones the human made by fitting the oval stone in an awkward corner-shaped opening.

"Round peg in square hole move. Classic counterintuitive solution." said the builder. "They don't often catch on to that principle, Their understanding for three-dimensional relationships usually gets drilled out of them by the time they've finished their education. All that emphasis on geometric formulas and theoretical trigonometry can ruin them from ever becoming a good waller"

"Yes, schools don't seem to be that concerned after Kindergarten about students with 'spacial needs', do they?" added the Squire

"This chap is quite good though." the builder went on having changed his original opinion of the waller's skill level, " Look at the way those four beckstones are lining up." The builder was referring to a course of river rock which the waller had formed to make an area level to accommodate some larger angular volcanic rocks.

"He's catching on to coursing quite well" offered Rhonda

"Coursing is always so pleasing to look at" interjected another young rock who was waiting his turn to be chosen

"Especially if they are random round stones, not just squares" added Rhonda, hoping her opportunity would come soon.

"I think I'm next" the builder said.

"Good luck" said the Squire "We'll try and join you when we can."

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