Sunday, August 22, 2010

Coverbands or coping hands

While the proposal to do traditional vertical coping ( still fairly uncommon in Canada) was not turned down by those involved in the organizing this project, it was decided in the end to go with flat coping rather than vertical coping based on the small amount of material we had left.

After three days and fun and lots of lifting, shaping, fitting and socializing - the memorial 45 foot long curved dry stone wall at the Knox Church in Dunedin was completed. This nonprofit event ended mid-afternoon with everyone pitching in to clean up the site for pictures and Sunday's morning meeting. There were some informal speeches and then goodbyes to the dozen or so people who gave three days of their time towards this garden project organized by Anna Hobbs in remembrance of late husband Bill.

Thanks to all the student wallers, Anna, Byron, Bruce B , Bruce D,Wayne, Arturo, Jill, Heather, Eric, Earl, Bob, Chuck, Bryan, Ben and the various visitors who helped out each day. Local waller and DSWAC member Mark Lewis and his assistant Marion dropped by to see what was going on, as well as students from the 'Healing Wheel Wall' workshop in Orangeville Ontario and several other wallers from the area all came to cheer us on.

The boulders we used at the cheekends were donated by Scott Winters who has a gravel quarry not far from Creemore. Again thanks to Credit Valley Quarries who generously provided walling material at a very reasonable price. We hope to come back next year and build a dry stone arch entranceway between the two walls we constructed this week..

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