Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stone Story part 13

While the Squire and the three other stones were waiting on the mountain they had plenty of time to consider their options. They had plenty of company too.

The mountain side where they had been dropped off was not the desolate place they had first imagined. It was crowded with humans making their pilgrimage up and down the highest mountain in England. It was also crowded with a lot of other rocks

It didnt look like any of them, people or rocks, would be leaving soon. The four stones agreed it would be a good idea to find some way to get settled in for a while at least. They were not looking to be part of any permanent footpath, section of retaining wall, or even a small marker cairn. There was not really any likelyhood of that happening, anyway. There were way too many other rocks lying around everywhere already- too many really for the great number of human hikers stumbling up to the top.

Myron remarked that even though humans seemed attracted to scenic places with lots of rocks, they mostly spent their time looking to avoid them.

"Why would they have helicotered us onto Scafell Pike?" thought Myron. "Its like bringing 'coal to Newcastle'."

It was the geological equivillent of commercial free rock radio station. It was 'All Rock, All the Time'. A sea of rocks of every size and shape covered every approach to the peak.

Even at the very summit of Scafell Pike there were stacks and stacks of rock material. A makeshift dry stacked viewing platform which rose out of this great teeming pile of rocks, provided a place for climbers to stand and take pictures of the 360 degree vista of rocky terrain that lay below them.

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