Sunday, April 25, 2010

Warming Our Hands

Here we are warming our hands around the fire pit which we completed this weekend in Guelph Ontario. It rained most of the day. There may not be a fire. That doesn't matter. We are warmed by the camaraderie and the sense of accomplishment.

We are also hot from having just moved a lot of stone. Not just the ones in the wall but all the other ones that we didn't use that had to be cleaned up so that the surrounding area looked tidy for this picture to be taken. A couple of guys Byron and Keith had to leave right after this picture was taken, to drive all the way back to Ottawa. They had nearly a six hour trip ahead of them.

We anticipate in years to come there will be a lot of telling camp fire jokes and singing of camp fire songs around here. This already feels like a kind of age old meeting place of stones and fire and people. These three are always interacting and affecting one another.

And hands and hearts will be warmed by many real fires that burn here in the future, in this stone-enclosed circle, but what was learned here will kindle more dry stone projects too, (for the hands who showed up to participate in this workshop) and so hopefully more and more hands will be warmed in an ever widening circle.

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