Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Handy 'Tip' with the Wheelbarrow

Often there are very big stones that need to be lifted and moved. The wheel barrow is the solution.

But if Im thinking with my hands I dont think I want to try lifting this baby into the wheel barrow. It will probably strain my back lifting it up and over and possibly crunch my fingers and pinch my thy on the edge of the wheel barrow as I try to lower it in.

The solution? Tilt the wheel barrow on its side. Roll the big stone into it. One arm on the lower side and one on the top, brace myself, and push.

Without any super human effort the stone and the wheelbarrow come to the upright position and the stone nestles nicely into the wheel barrow as it reaches the level positon. Voila!

Now I can easily transport the big stone wherever I want it along the wall.

I wish someone had showed me, or better yet, My hands had discovered this way of moving big stones in my earlier stone-moving days, back when I lifted so many big ones into wheel barrows the hard way.


  1. Thanks for this. I have been doing this the hard way for years!

  2. For a very inexpensive hydraulic lift try a shop crane for heavier stones (500-1000lbs). Put down plywood to move the crane around empty (the wheels won't roll on uneven ground) and use a heavy duty cart to move the stone around the site. A shop crane is especially gentle at lowering the heavy rocks onto the wall, so as not to shift those underneath.