Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's give a big big hand for creativity.

This is something I did in Victoria BC a few years ago before I knew about Sue Lawty or her vision for a world-wide hands-on community of art installations.
The 'world beach project' seems like a really cool idea.
It gives everyone a forum to be creative and an opportunity to share their stone creations with everyone else. No one has to be a star, just a participator.
This is what thinking with our hands is all about.
We hold hands across creation and we behold what our hands have created.
Let's join the hundreds of others and do something the next time we go to the beach.


  1. Hi
    Just spied this.
    Please do add it to World Beach Project: beach
    It's a great idea and image.

    ps Coincidentally, my degree thesis many years ago was about dry stone walls - a subject I am particularly passionate about here in UK!

  2. Thanks Sue. Your project is very creative and inspiring.