Sunday, April 18, 2010

If this is the Trailer, the Motion Picture should be fun.

Now and then a dry stone wall idea comes to mind that is worth trying to illustrate.

It's way better than one of those fancy new 'Mortar-Homes'?

It comes in a Mobile-stone-Home Kit.
Some assemebly required.
Just 'Rock and then Roll'

Gets good mileage on the thru-(stone)-way.

Stay the course.

You'll want to 'Dodge' this 'Caravan'

Let's all 'pile in' and drive home.

And the fourth little piggy said nuts to this and built his house out of stones and put wheels on it!

( Submissions for other captions for 'U-Haul Walling' can be posted in the 'comments' section below. Thanks. )

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