Sunday, December 31, 2017

Space for a new year

It's so hard to do nothing – to leave space between events.

And, between rocks.

I was a mason who once filled every space left between stones, with cement

I’m a waller now.  No cement.
I still have to remind myself to allow space between things rather than just impose tight fits. 

Tight fits are fine except they imply
space is wrong.
But space is what gives everything proportion and perspective 

The enjoyable aspect of the visual has a lot to do with appreciating the conversation between positive and negative space


Why limit the space, or restrict space to too many rules

or be impatient to just see things connected either side of space

Leave space.

Entering into a new year allows us put distance between – 
to leave an old year behind. 

Let there be a conversation, a breathing space, some room for movement. 

Be flexible, like a basket.

We are not cemented to the past.

We are not locked into a concrete future.

Enjoy the ride, and the spaces.