Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Enhancement is different from enchantment. It's not imaginary. It's why certain lenses and filters can work so well. They help us recognize a beauty we had not noticed before, but are ready to see and appreciate. They add focus or perspective to, or provide a different colour of light from, what otherwise seems to be just a common view of things. This all has to do with vision.

But enhancement is not just confined to seeing.
There are similar positive influences, somewhat like filters, that can be applied to life and experienced by all our senses. How we feel is only how we think we feel. There is so much more.

Our ability to be sensitive to hues and colours not yet seen by the eye, extends to our capacity to feel more than we know, and so be more open to being enlightened.
This is all simply an augmenting of, or extracting more from, each 'moment', and thus 'seeing' various aspects of life more vividly.

Like a kind of sensory aesthetic air conditioner- we can be extracting the 'cool' ( all that is genuinely attractive), from the ambient outside temperature of the world around us, and introduce the benefit into what may otherwise be a somewhat stifled consciousness.  

Enhancement is more than potential. The seeds for it are always there, and need not be dormant. The change they provide like a metaphysical lenses or filters, can make all the difference to our garden, even in the coldest of winters.