Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Matter of Fact

I'd like to read a short excerpt from something I found on the rockshelf along the shore of Lake Ontario recently. Originally I was looking in the How-To section but then I moved over to an area that had an interesting selection of more, what shall I say, mystical offerings. 

I thumbed through some fossilized volumes written in what looked like small squiggly petroglyphs .  There were old tablets with raised inscriptions, carved, or maybe imprinted on the surface, all in some type of ancient brail. 

I sensed that great works containing many eternal truths were at my finger tips, if I could but decider the geological (geo-rational?) configurations they were composed in. 

Then, to my delight, I discovered a piece written in stone that began to speak to me. While the words were not audible, they were tangible and appealed in a very tactile way, not just to touch, but to every aspect of 'sense' . Here below is the best translation of that work. 

'The truth - that of life being contained in stone, and the life of stone being contained in truth, will always stand the test of time. In place of mere moments of unfocused altered states or lapses and occasional omissions in the consciousness of our being 'in the now', stone, especially as we purposely draw near to it, remains the physical evidence of that great cyclic transition of energy from changeless to 'potentially changeable' to the 'completely transitory' and back. 

All the ages and all the non ages are contained in rock. All duality of time and space, light and dark, life and death, purpose and senselessness is absorbed in it. We exist without existing, if we are not constantly held in place through the self determining influence of this cosmic geology. We sleep safely, hidden, relieved from all fear of selflessness, within the protective matrix of a stony universe. Be it molten or crystallized or vapour, we, along with all matter, and all that matters, are what 'rocks' us.'