Friday, December 22, 2017

Gathered round the fireplace.

This will be the first Christmas away from home for the Stones. 

They had to give up their beautiful place high up in the Southern Sierra Nevadas last January when the heavy California rains made their old dwelling place too unstable, prompting them to panic  and leaving everything behind, quickly escape to the valley below in search of safer ground. 

They spent a soggy night standing in the rain by the side of the old Kern Canyon road.

In the morning, friends of ours driving by in their truck saw their plight, stopped and picked them up and kindly invited them back to their house to stay, until they could find some better arrangement.   

It turned out that they all got along so well that not long after that our friends asked us to come and build a permanent place for them, right in their house.

We spent a week fixing up a corner of their livingroom just for them. 

When the Stones finished moving in, you could see they loved their new place, they were quite content to stay there permanently . It did look cozy and warm and most importantly 'dry'. 

All the family will be home for the holidays this Christmas and the Stones too will be celebrating nearly a year of having their lives put back together. Im sure they'll enjoy being huddled around the fire, looking out into the living room and appreciating their wonderful new family arrangement.