Monday, August 14, 2017

Your Core

Having a strong, well-integrated core is important not just for proper alignment in yoga postures, it is a key component in keeping good alignment in every walling application

The core is the support system for the middle mid section. It creates a reinforcing framework to counteract the pull of gravity and keep the everything balanced and integrated, even if and when things start to move around. Having a strong and balanced core is a key to preventing collapses and back problems.  Think of the core as the structural foundation that supports everything, just like the structural frame that upholds a building. The stronger the core, the more stable the thing is.

From the perspective of yoga therapy, having a strong core affects more than posture. Our core is the centre of physical balance and strength. It is also linked to emotional and spiritual life. A strong core supports everything physically and emotionally; it aligns us with our inner center of balance and power. It gives us the stamina and resilience to deal with the ups and downs of life. Energetically, a strong core helps connect us with our sense of purpose in life. It creates determination, perseverance, and the wall to succeed. By strengthening and enlivening the core, we connect this foundational part of our 'well-being' to our 'wall-being' !

A sample core.

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