Sunday, August 20, 2017

Attaining Mindfulness

Directing full attention to our inhaling and exhaling is the life and breath of yoga teaching. We are encouraged to focus on our breathing pattern and visualize the new life-giving air entering our lungs – replenishing our whole body, and then direct our consciousness to the releasing of it, as we breath out.   

It's kind of funny being reminded, as we sit or stand in our various yoga poses, to not forget to breathe. But I get it. Sometimes it's like we do forget.

Being who I am, I wonder about stones, too. They have been sitting so still for so long, don't they need to be reminded to take a breath? 

It may well be that they are all collectively and continuously in that timeless moment between exhaling and inhaling – in a state of complete release. They don't need to take a breath. Their 'solidity' is the clue that they no longer need to take anything in. They are consciousness.  That elusive thing we call 'wholeness' has been attained.  They manifest in their being what total 'mindfulness' looks like.

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