Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Gardener

Last evening we watched a beautiful movie The Gardener about an award winning garden in Quebec called Quatre-Vents designed and created by Francis Cabot. The opening of the film had a verse from a Poem by Alexander Pope. It is certainly worth seeing if you love gardens.

Moral Essays
Epistle IV.

by Alexander Pope

( Below is the excerpt from that poem which touches on gardening, where all must be adapted to the genius and use of the place, and the beauties not forced into it, but resulting from it. )

Let not each beauty everywhere be spied, 
Where half the skill is decently to hide. 
He gains all points who pleasingly confounds, 
Surprises, varies, and conceals the bounds.


His gardens next your admiration call; 
On every side you look, behold the wall!

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