Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kingsmere Workshop. A job wall done.

Our two day Kingsmer Farm workshop near Ottawa involved learning to build a wall with the available stone. No imported stone from China. No quarry stone from far away. No palleted squarish stuff from a stone supplier. No easy to shape limestone.

It's a satisfying thing to see rounded fieldstone granite sit up and look smart and be formed into such a cohesive structure.

A newly built wall is not something you just look at and admire, or even just lean on.

It's something to celebrate and shout about. Like scoring a overtime goal or hitting a home run or serving the winning ace at the end of the tennis match.

Building a wall has all the benefits of an athletic sport. It's possibly more thrilling and far more lasting with more of a sense of accomplishment than most outdoor activities..

Here are the healthy women and girls who helped make the wall.

A long with the grownups Echo and Willow ( two of the children who's mom and dad were taking the course) did a super job too helping build the wall and even as we were finishing up rolled this big cope up onto the wall.! Well done you two !

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