Monday, August 28, 2017

The Rose Wall

I received a nice letter yesterday from a woman who took the workshop I taught at Kingsmere in the Gatineaus in Quebec  back in 2015.

2015 DSWAC Workshop, Kingsmere

She attached two photos (see below) of the dry stone wall she has been building on her property over the last two years and has now recently completed. Here is some of the story in her own words.

Just wanted to let you know that after 2 years I finally finished my 18 foot, 4 foot high dry stone wall! Some photos attached. I was a participant at the August 2015 workshop at Kingsmere.

It was not intentional, but only women worked on this wall. About 90% of the building/lifting was done by myself...even made the batter boards. I had 2 friends that helped collect hearting and stones at different times during the project. All the outside stones are from my property. The majority of the hearting was collected from a stone pile in Lanark County farm field (no doubt the pile was created from the first settlers on the land).

I call it the Rose Wall due to the pink granite in the stones.
Very satisfying. The ends are a little wonky looking, not quite sure what I should have done there to keep the line better. 

Can't wait to finish my next project that is almost done. A little river dry stone patio at a friend's place.

It's something of a rare treat to actually hear back from students who've taken on their own walling projects after having completing one of my courses.  It's especially gratifying to see a wall like this one, which has that satisfying  feel of 'structure' about it, and, as importantly, has such an attractive look to it.

Well done, Jacquie.

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